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Water, Energy, Food, and Rooftop Farming.

Water, energy, and food are three aspects of life we are fortunate enough to engage with daily. Our dependency on these three facets to nourish ourselves and keep our homes warm, is evident. What may be less evident, is the interconnectedness between these features, which are often described as nexuses. The water-energy nexus may refer to the relationship between the amount of energy used to collect, store, treat, and distribute water to a municipality. Inversely, it can refer to the amount of water used to produce energy. For example, water passing through a hydroelectric dam.

The water-food nexus intuitively refers to the amount of water required to hydrate crops, quench thirsty livestock, dilute pesticides, etc. The water-food nexus often takes the spotlight as 73% of harvested freshwater is utilized by the agriculture industry (UN-Water 2021). In both these nexuses, water can be considered the limiting factor, as without water, neither system would exist. Conserving and improving water-use efficiency is globally one of the top priorities as we learn to adapt to a changing climate and increasing urban population.

While we believe humanity will be successful in reducing the carbon footprint, adapting to climate change, and providing adequate food and water for the growing population, we also believe we should be active contributors to the cause. That’s why ZinCo Canada and Nurture Growth Bio-Fertilizer formed a research collaboration focusing on improving the knowledge and support for rooftop farms. Keying in on areas such sustaining yields, improving water-use, and accessibility. We’re proud and excited to be engaged in this type sustainable development!