Tree stability under wind

Tree Anchors

More and more often, Intensive Green Roofs are becoming part of the overall building design. Trees are an important landscape architectural design element used to create stunning landscapes on roof level locations. This is possible on top of underground parking garages, as well as higher located roof areas.

Essential here are the selection of suitable tree species, the type of growing medium, and especially the local site conditions regarding wind speed pressures and wind uplift suctions.

To securely anchor trees on roof surfaces, steel grids that are buried in the growing medium were often used, to which the root ball is anchored with straps. The sharp edges of cut steel grids, however, can be a risk of penetrating the waterproofing membrane. Not so with the new tree anchor Robafix from ZinCo.

The Robafix tree anchor is based on the well-known and long-proven ZinCo grid elements, and can also be used with the ZinCo fall protection systems Fallnet. The grid elements are combined with three holding plates which are the anchor points for the tension bands. The holding plates can be placed wherever within the 1 x 1 m base grid element, which allows for adjustment to the diameter of the root ball. The root ball anchor is stabilized by installing the growing medium on top of the grid elements. The weight of the growing medium prevents the tree from pulling out.

The Robafix tree anchor lies directly on the protective mat or on the filter fleece of the ZinCo green roof assembly, and is suitable for roofs up to a 5° slope. It is a wonderfully simple solution for tree anchoring, based on proven technology and according to ZinCo’s principle "Without Roof Penetration".