Contemporary Living

12 Degree Condos


12 Degrees condos is a contemporary mid-rise urban infill project in Toronto. The 90 unit, 11-story building designed by Core architects, shows a 12 degree plan rotation strategy to produce a “stacked box” design effect.


To comply with the stormwater management regulations from the city of Toronto, a light weight, low maintenance green roof was designed on the main roof, to delay and capture stormwater from going into the sewer.

Green Roof Assembly

The ZinCo "Sedum-Roof Plus" green roof assembly was used with its great weight to water retention ratio. The egg carton shaped Floradrain® FD25-E water retention element in combination with ZinCo's engineered growing medium provides the ideal solution for capturing stormwater and while still maintaining healthy plant growth.

Key Challenges

Designing a high water retention capacity roof without negatively affecting the vegetation was one of the key challenges of this project. High water storage in green roof assemblies can affect the development of the vegetation drastically, resulting in high maintenance and loss of plant material. Using high absorption products (compost/rockwool) in the vegetation/root zone will have a negative effect on the growth of the vegetation and needs to be avoided. The Floradrain® element allows for waterstorage beneath the vegetation/root zone.