Exclusive Verdant

Gleneagles Drive


This modern Gleneagles Drive Residence, with its spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, is in one of the most sought after neighbourhoods of West Vancouver. To reduce some of the ecological foot print at this hillside and coastal location, green roofs where installed on 3 different roof locations.


The 180 m2 (2,000 square feet) green roof was specifically designed to be low maintenance. The predominant yellow colour of the vegetation gives the roofs as well as the overall building design a simple, modern and clear appearance.

Green Roof Assembly

The owners have choosen to use the "ZinCo Sedum Roof Plus" green roof assembly with the Floradrain FD-25 elements. This engineered and proven green roof approach with a clear seperation of protection, drainage and growing layers has convinced them that the plant growth will be established permanently.

Key Challenges

When you consider the challenging geographical location of the property and the steep coastal landscape with its rich tree population and rocky underground, the owners and planners have achieved something very special here. The individual areas comprising the garden, the living space and the parking space nestle together to create a superb architectural structure. Man takes ownership of the steep coastal location but retains that balance between nature and architecture. This is where a green roof, in particular, makes a specific contribution and exemplifies how a simple extensive green roof can become a fancy eye-catcher.

Source Photographs: Brett Ryan Studios, Vancouver