LEED Platinum Office Building

RBC Waterpark Place


The RBC Waterpark place project is a LEED Plantinum office complex located on 88 Queen Street in Toronto. The 31 storey tower and 980,000 square foot building was developed by Oxford properties and designed by WZMH Architects. This modern office building is setting a new standard for smart design, sustainability, and an amenity-rich downtown office life. Part of this design are the 4 500 m2 (48,500 square feet) green roofs located on the 3th and 8th floor and on the roofs of the tower designed by DTAH Landscape architects.


The green roofs on the 3th and 8th floor are designed in a stripe pattern using different coloured sedums. They are visible from various location and levels of the building for the office employees to enjoy. Some of the stripes are also planted with single upright accent perennials and grasses, which were planted through the sedum mats into the growing medium, to accentuate to over all design pattern.

Green Roof Assembly

As the combination of sedums and perennials was part of the overall green roof the design, the ZinCo Sedum-Roof plus assemnly was used to install this green roof. The Floradrain FD25-E and the light weight engineered growing medium ZinCoblend-E are key elements in this assembly, providing the necessary growing conditions and meeting the storm water management requirements for the city of Toronto.

Key Challenges

The key challenges of this project where the design of the green roof assembly specifically for the high wind areas on the tower roof. Anti-erosion measure where included to safely secure the growing medium in these areas as well as an irrigation system to protect the green roof from drying out. Another challenge was the vertical transportation of the materials especially to the 31 storey tower roof. The davit arms for window washing were used to hoist the materials on to the tower roofs.