Walkways & Patios on Pedestal Pads


Walkways optimized for low buildup heights

Does your drainage requirement have a low build up height? This option is your best bet.


  • ZinCo Elastoring® technology can be used at heights of 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm
  • Allows correction for any uneven areas

  1. Roof Paver
  2. ZinCo Elastoring ER 5-20 (5-20 mm)
  3. ZinCo Diffusion Membrane TGV21
  4. Rigid Insulation
  5. Roof Structure & Waterproofing

Depth: ≥50 mm (2")

Water retention capacity: N/A

Saturated weight:

Slope: 2-5 degrees

Guide Specifications Datasheet
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Why Green Roofs?

Greener cities are healthier cities – and ZinCo green roofs can significantly contribute to making cities and buildings more livable by:

  • Improving air quality by absorbing greenhouse gases.
  • Absorbing sunlight, reducing cooling and heating costs for your building.
  • Capturing and helping manage storm water.
  • Reconnecting humans with nature.
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