Urban Farming Roof

A fresh approach to growing local ...

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown on a rooftop garden

As urban density increases, so does the need to grow food locally. The Urban Farming systems are designed to optimize fruit and vegetable growth (such as lettuce, onions, herbs, zucchini, eggplant, squash, cabbage, melons, strawberries and more...).


  • Floradrain FD40 is the ideal drainage layer for Urban Farming
  • Specially designed growing medium ZinCoblend-F provides necessary nutrients for optimal growth.
  • Depth based on the fruits and vegetables you want to grow (200 - 400 mm)

System Buildup

  1. Fruit & Vegetables
  2. Growing Medium ZinCoblend-F (≥ 200 mm)
  3. ZinCo Filter Sheet TG
  4. ZinCo Floradrain FD40
  5. ZinCo Diffusion Membrane TGV21
  6. Rigid Insulation
  7. ZinCo Root Barrier WSB100-PO
  8. Roof Structure & Waterproofing

Depth: ≥ 250 mm (10")

Water retention capacity: ≥ 100 L/m2

Saturated weight: ≥ 300 kg/m2 (62 psf)

Slope: 2-5 degrees

Planning Guides

Why Green Roofs?

Greener cities are healthier cities – and ZinCo green roofs can significantly contribute to making cities and buildings more livable by:

  • Improving air quality by absorbing greenhouse gases.
  • Absorbing sunlight, reducing cooling and heating costs for your building.
  • Capturing and helping manage storm water.
  • Reconnecting humans with nature.
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