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The Latest in Green Roof Technology

The Latest Technology

ZinCo green roof systems have been used around the globe for many decades and in a wide range of climatic conditions. Desert, tropical, Mediterranean, temperate and cold subarctic conditions. From Singapore and Dubai to Denmark and Canada. Proven and Successful.

We provide the most versatile and flexible green roof systems on the market. Our unique, compact and layered design creates a clear separation between protection, drainage and growing functions. Uninterrupted drainage layers and engineered growing medium are the success of our green roof systems.

Green Roofs Help Improve Our Environment

ZinCo’s lightweight green roofs are assembled on-site, layer by layer, and are designed to accommodate the specific roof it’s intending to cover. The growing medium is applied as a single layer to cover the entire area — mimicking a more natural growing environment, and resulting in healthier plants.

All our systems are also engineered to exceed storm water management, wind uplift and fire codes in Canada, and we are working with the NRC to develop new wind uplift standards.

Benefits of “Built in Place”

  • Cost effective
  • Natural growth environment
  • Easy on-site installation
  • Versatile range of layers
  • Lightweight

A Greener Roof

All systems are designed, manufactured, shipped and assembled with a greener world in mind. Assemblies are built with no vertical dividers, lowering plastic content, and reducing costs. Our roofs use the most durable recycled or plant-based plastics, and are 100% recyclable.

LEED Certification

LEED Certification

ZinCo can help you earn LEED points towards your certification in the areas of:

  • Storm water management
  • Urban heat island
  • Habitat restoration
  • Water efficiency
  • Recycled content
  • Energy performance

Green Roof Systems