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Environmentally Smart Green Roof Assemblies

For over 40 years ZinCo has pioneered the development of a wide range of proven green roof systems designed to succeed in virtually any landscape hardiness zone. ZinCo Canada offers a complete line of green roof solutions permitting the greatest possible expression and flexibility in your design, from flat green roofs and roof gardens to sloped green roofs or parking decks.

We design the green roof system to our clients needs and requirements. Our objective is to create green roofs that are solid long term investments with tangible returns in enjoyment and increased property value for many years to come.



Don't miss this informative Green Roof seminar with hot topics as:

- How to design Green Roofs for Wind Uplift?
- Green Roof Design Options for Stormwater Management.
- Green Roofs & Solar - The Ultimate Combination

Location: Toronto Botanical Gardens
When: April 22nd, 2015

4 learning credits for OAA and OALA.

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Life on Roofs in Canada

ZinCo - Green roofing with system
Green Roofs can be installed on roofs of many different shapes and slopes but flat roofs lend themselves most readily. Depending on design, a green roof offers new habitat for flora and fauna in addition to adding convenient and 'free' recreational space for people. The higher the urban density, the more valuable and important this space becomes. As a leading pioneer in developing green roof technology with a 40 year track record, ZinCo stands for permanently reliable green roof systems. Reliability is paired with flexibility; ZinCo has systems suitable for any roof and any design