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The Latest in Green Roof Technology

ZinCo green roof systems have been used around the globe for many decades and in a wide range of climatic conditions. Desert, tropical, Mediterranean, temperate and cold subarctic conditions. From Singapore and Dubai to Denmark and Canada. Proven and Successful.

While there are many widely used green roof options, our research shows us “built in place” assemblies are superior in quality and performance, and we have developed one of the widest ranges of “built in place” green roof systems.

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Green Roofs Expertly Developed For You

ZinCo is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of the longest-lasting green roofs. Our roofs help you offset the environmental impact of your building, capture and manage storm water, reduce energy costs and cool cities.

Why Green Roofs?

Greener cities are healthier cities – and ZinCo green roofs can significantly contribute to making cities and buildings more livable by:

  • Improving air quality by absorbing greenhouse gases.
  • Absorbing sunlight, reducing cooling and heating costs for your building.
  • Capturing and helping manage storm water.
  • Reconnecting humans with nature.
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Green Roofing Canada from Coast to Coast

Based in Carlisle, Ontario, ZinCo Canada’s roofs are shipped across Canada.

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