Built for Your Needs and Budget

Innovating with nature

For over 50 years, ZinCo has been committed to incorporating nature back into the urban landscape through the manufacturing and supply of the most advanced green roofs available. Green roofs that will work to offset the environmental impact of building structures, cool micro-climates by up to two degrees, capture and manage storm water and alleviate noise pollution for decades to come.

10 Year Warranty

The ZinCo green roof systems are backed by a comprehensive 10 year system performance warranty as well as a material integrity warranty.

ZinCo has partnerships with various waterproofing membrane manufacturers through which we can offer full system and overburden warrantees.

Our Team of Experts

ZinCo is a global leader in green roof technology and yet we’re probably the most down-to-earth guys to have up on your roof. We are passionate about excellence in design. We are passionate about a job well done. We are passionate about leaving this place better than the way we found it.

Jeremy Wright

Business Development and Project Manager

Stephen Seccareccia

Business Development and Project Manager

The Latest in Green Roof Technology

ZinCo green roof systems have been used around the globe for many decades and in a wide range of climatic conditions. Desert, tropical, Mediterranean, temperate and cold subarctic conditions. From Singapore and Dubai to Denmark and Canada. Proven and Successful.

While there are many widely used green roof options, our research shows us “built in place” assemblies are superior in quality and performance, and we have developed one of the widest ranges of “built in place” green roof systems.

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